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Archives for: August 2006

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8/6/2006
Simmons refuses to slow down: Former chairman of Allegheny Technologies Inc. board now occupied by multiple philanthropies
Tepper School of Business Dean Kenneth Dunn places Richard Simmons' philanthropic activities in historical context. "Dick Simmons represents the heritage of this community - the industrial and corporate leaders who historically have been generous supporters of our region's cultural, arts and educational institutions. Dick is doing what (Andrew) Carnegie did. He's doing what the Mellons did," Dunn said., 8/8/2006
Fed Meets as Growth, Prices Send Conflicting Signals
Marvin Goodfriend, professor of economics and chairman of the Gailliot Center for Public Policy, discusses Fed policy with regard to inflation.

Financial Times, 8/9/2006
Tepper team uses brains to win: $100,000 prize-package, and opening of New York NASDAQ market on Friday goes to triumphant Tepper Team
News article reports on opening of NASDAQ by Tepper team, which won the prestigious Global Moot Corp competition for new companies. The team's company, Neurolife, is developing a medical device to measure brain pressure non-invasively.

Pittsburgh Business Times, 8/11/2006
Starting salaries up for new MBAs:CMU's average nears six-figure mark
Kenneth R. Keeley, executive director of the Career Opportunities Center, is quoted on starting salaries for 2006 Tepper MBA graduates. Starting salaries this year average $94,935, up about 7 percent from last year.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/21/2006
Increased cooperation may help curb massive blackouts
In this article, University Professor Lester B. Lave, co-director of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center, says despite improved communications blackouts are still possible in the nation's electrical grid until utilities invest in improved transmission lines.

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