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Archives for: July 2011

Wall Street Journal, 7/5/2011
Goodfriend: Fed needs to set more explicit inflation target
The Federal Reserve should set a more explicit inflation target to assure the public that it won’t let inflation get out of control again, says Marvin Goodfriend, professor of economics; chairman, The Henry S. Gailliot Center for Public Policy. Goodfriend worries that the job is about to become harder thanks to developments in emerging markets and the weakening of the U.S. dollar. URL for this article:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/9/2011
Apt: Final launch of Atlantis ‘thrilling’
The final liftoff of the space shuttle Atlantis was nothing short of thrilling, reports Jay Apt, professor of technology and executive director of Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center. Apt, who made four trips into space including two aboard Atlantis, was among dozens of space veterans who were invited to witness the launch. URL for this article:

Daily Herald, 7/10/2011
McCallum explains issues with returning to gold and silver
The United States is filled with many different groups that will call for the raising or lowering of the medium of exchange price of gold, says Bennett McCallum, H.J. Heinz Professor of Economics. A return to gold or silver as the basis for the monetary system is no guarantee that the nation will stick to that policy in times of financial crisis, critics say. URL for this article:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/10/2011
Apt praises shuttles
Though the space shuttles were “the most gracious vehicle we will ever fly in space,” they have outlived their usefulness, says Jay Apt, professor of technology and executive director of Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center. Apt says the shuttles were too expensive to maintain and operate, and the space program must move on. URL for this article:

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 7/13/2011
Goodfriend: Political system ‘paralyzed’
The political system is paralyzed and the fiscal situation is on an unsustainable course, says Marvin Goodfriend, professor of economics; chairman, The Gailliot Center for Public Policy. That makes it more difficult for the Federal Reserve to manage the economy, he says. URL for this article:

Federal News Radio, 7/19/2011
Woolley discusses research
Anita Williams Woolley, assistant professor of organizational behavior & theory, appeared on Federal News Radio to discuss how personality and gender factor into building an effective team. Woolley’s research shows that social awareness, and not necessarily intelligence, is the most important factor in team-building. URL for this article:

Pittsburgh Business Times, 7/20/2011
Ales comments on potential effects of default
A U.S. default would have a wide effect, says Laurence Ales, assistant professor of economics; Frank A. and Helen E. Risch Faculty Development Professorship in Business, AYs 2010-11 & 2011-12. Ales says the U.S. would face a higher cost for borrowing that would negatively impact the national deficit, eventually leading to higher taxes, lower spending, or some combination of both. URL for this article:

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/23/2011
Galak: Charitable wedding gifts make sense
A trend of couples asking for charitable donations in lieu of wedding gifts is good for a lot of people, says Jeff Galak, assistant professor of marketing and faculty giving chair for academic year 2011-2012. Galak notes that couples don’t get encumbered with items they don’t need, and charities benefit, as do the registries that facilitate such donations. URL for this article:

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/29/2011
Meltzer: Aug. 2 debt ceiling deadline is misleading
The true deadline for Congress reaching a debt-ceiling/deficit-cutting agreement is not necessarily Aug. 2, says Allan Meltzer, The Allan H. Meltzer University Professor of Political Economy. However, he says Congress must take on some real spending cuts. URL for this article:

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