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Archives for: July 2006

Trade secret plot pulls Coke, Pepsi together
Tepper Associate Teaching Professor of Law David E. Tungate discusses access to trade secrets in article about alleged theft and attempted sale of trade secrets.

Dollars and Sense: The art of followership in the workplace
Robert Kelly, adjunct professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory, is quoted on leadership skills in this article, advising that "the quest for being a good leader can be hampered by not being a good follower."

Detroit News, 7/20/2006
Owning a hybrid vehicle could pay off
University Professor Lester B. Lave, co-director of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center, questions the usefulness of tax breaks for hybrid vehicles if the vehicles deliver little fuel economy improvement.

Reuters Feature, 7/21/2006
Gadget gear is buzzing; but who is buying?
Associate Professor of Marketing Peter Boatwright comments on the integration of technology and clothing such as shoes and jackets.

U.S. News & World Report, 7/23/2006
Big Brown: UPS is betting on tech to deliver a competitive edge
Operations Research Professor Michael A. Trick of the Tepper School describes how delivery companies are succeeding airlines as leaders in using operations research to improve their processes.

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