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Archives for: July 2004

Fed’s increase will pinch those who buy on plastic
Allan Meltzer, the Allan H. Meltzer University Professor of Political Economy, is quoted in this article about the first interest rate increase in four years. Meltzer comments on the timing of the hikes: "They're late, but they're normally late in turning points, and they've given a lot of indication that their policy would be changing, so that has already been reflected in long-term rates for government bonds and Mortgages.” Meltzer predicts that by the end of the year rates will be around 2 percent.

Supply chain reaction: SmartOps help John Deere save $1 billion
Sridhar Tayur, Ford Distinguished Research Chair Professor of Operations Management, explains how the software company he founded, SmartOps, helped John Deere save $1 billion by improving efficiency. Tayur developed mathematical algorithms to calculate real-life factors in productivity such as severe weather, labor disputes and other unplanned occurrences, a realistic approach that goes beyone other supply chain managemnt systems.

OPTIMIZE, 7/1/2004
Simple Theories for Complex Logistics--University research yields methods increasing supply-chain efficiencies
Sridhar Tayur, Ford Distinguished Research Chair and Professor of Operations Management and Manufacturing, discusses his work in operations research. “One practical result of our operations research at Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business was ‘bolt-on’ software—which can be added to existing logistics systems to help achieve significant inventory reductions. Using this software, farm-equipment manufacturer John Deere was able to support weekly execution of order fulfillment and add $1.1 billion of shareholder value within three years,” Tayur explains.

MBA Journal: Year 2
Rich Morris (MBA 2004) writes his last journal entry for BusinessWeek Online about the experience of earning his MBA at the Tepper School of Business for the MBA Journal column. In this article, Morris discusses his last mini spent studying in Slovakia, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic, key locations in the business world: “The study abroad program run as part of the MBA curriculum here is fantastic. It's an unbelievable opportunity to experience firsthand the educational, professional, and political climates in places that many people would otherwise not get to go.”

Not all founders are created equal: many factors determine equitbale stock distribution
Associate Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship Frank Demmler advises new entrepreneurs not to split the company evenly among the founders, a mistake he says is made too often in the name of “fairness.” Instead, Demmler says that founders need to examine who will be the most committed through time and money when deciding how to divide the company assets.

CNN.COM (REUTERS), 7/8/2004
Are New Yorkers ready for a power nap?
Arshad Chowdhury (MBA 2003) is co-founder of MetroNaps, the company featured in this article. Specializing in de-stressing the busy New York life, MetroNaps offers New Yorkers twenty minute power naps in a noise-proof, relaxing pod.

BARRON'S, 7/12/2004
Big Wheels
Richard Green, the Richard M. and Margaret S. Cyert Professor of Economics and Management, was quoted about his research into the issues facing large funds. Although the performance records of these funds attract more investors, Green says the growth also "force[s] the managers to deploy their talents and resources across a wider and wider array of stocks and then dissipates the effects of their special advantage."

Poly alum takes reign over school
Barney Wilson (MSIA 1982, BS 1980) has been named director of Polytechnic Institute in Baltimore, his former high school with a reputation for education excellence.

Experts examine value of buying a hybrid car
Lester Lave, the Harry B. and James H. Higgins Professor of Economics, university professor and co-director Carnegie Mellon Electricity Center, explains how he calculated that hybrid cars are not yet cost effective for the average American. Since gas would have to cost $3.50 per gallon for the hybrid to equal out in price, for now the $3,500 difference might deter consumers.

The use and abuse of corporate directors
Frank Demmler, associate teaching professor of entrepreneurship, discusses how new entrepreneurs can efficiently manage their boards--updating the board members beore and after meetings, using time well and addressing concerns right away. Demmler notes that "If selected and used properly, your board members, drawing upon their expertise, contacts, and experience, can help you avoid fatal steps and make the proper decisions."

Fair ways to divide the pie: stock distribution among founders
In his twenty-sixth article of a series, Frank Demmler, associate teaching professor of entrepreneurship, discusses why a founder share buyback agreement, an option for the company to buy back some or all of the founders' shares in the first few years, is a fair option for everyone. Demmler explains that this agreement safeguards against founders leaving the company.

Lay's case, Rigases' guilt show need for required business ethics course in colleges, educator says: Making right relevant
This article mentions the Tepper School of Business, applauding its practice of including ethics as part of its core curriculum in a time when corporate scandals are often in the news. Carnegie Mellon’s business school is given “high marks” for its ethics requirement, electives and ethics research center, the Center for International Corporate Relations.

A millionaire at 35
This article features Francisco D'Souza (MSIA 1992), COO of Cognizant Technologies and millionaire at age 35. D'Souza credits his multi-cultural experiences in childhood to most of his success.

A healthy change in his career
Peter Boatwright, associate professor of marketing, is quoted in this article about competition among pharmaceutical companies. "The hard truth in consumer products today is that there are so many good products to choose from," he said. "You have to put out a truly top quality product to motivate consumers and earn your way onto the retailers' shelves."

SALON.COM, 7/20/2004
High-Tech zzzzz's
This article features MetroNaps, a company co-founded by Tepper alumnus Arshad Chowdhury (MBA 2003) that provides napping pods for New Yorkers. Chowdhury says that he develpoed his idea for MetroNaps while earning his MBA at Carnegie Mellon.

IFAONLINE.CO.UK (London, UK), 7/20/2004
Soros earnings reveals the might of hedge funds
The article identifies David Tepper's $510 million earnings as the second highest salary of hedge fund managers in 2003. Hedge fund trading did well in 2003 with the average "take home pay," for the top managers doubling from $110 million to $207 million.

Entrepreneurship: Why entrepreneurs and venture capitalists often clash
In his monthly column Jack Roseman, a former professor of entrepreneurship gives advice for entrepreneurs on how to secure investments for their companies. Although, Roseman says, entrepreneurs found companies for challenges and for the “betterment of society,” they should address the concerns of investors who are interested in the bottom-line—a high return of their investment.

Marc Ruscitto - "A Role Model Entrepreneur"
Frank Demmler, associate teaching professor of entrepreneurship, explains that convertible notes, loans to the company, with interest rates that the investor has the right to convert, should be avoided. Since business goals are almost never met on time, “The consequence of this is more money will be needed, and guess who is the only likely source of that money? Look in the mirror,” says Demmler. Instead Demmler advises that “While likely to be painful for all involved parties, it is my sincere opinion that pricing the round, putting that issue behind you, and building value from that point forward will prove to be best for everyone.”

FORTUNE, 7/26/2004
For Naps On the Go, Nothing Beats a Pod
Arshad Chowdhury (MBA 2003) is co-founder of MetroNaps in New York City, the first company to offer daytime napping pods in the US. Chowdhury began his idea of marketing naps while at business school at Carnegie Mellon University, charging classmates $1 for snoozes in lawn chairs.

Heard Off the Street: Microsoft gives investors 75 billion reasons to smile
Robert Dammon, professor of financial economics, is quoted in this column about the recent decision by Microsoft to payout dividend to its stockholders. "You may not have seen this happen without these tax cuts," said Dammon, referring to new tax laws that reduced taxes on dividends.

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