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Archives for: May 2003

FAST COMPANY , 5/1/2003
This Close
Arshad Chowdhury (MBA 2003) is featured in this article. Chowdhury is on the brink of opening a new business he called, “the next bottled water.” MetroNaps will offer busy New Yorkers the opportunity to take a powernaps in napping pods. Chowdhury’s idea began at business school at Carnegie Mellon where he charged $1 for naps in lawn chairs.

Operations Management: A Recession-Proof Career
“Operations management may not be a ‘sexy’ field. But in today’s back-to-basic, post-dotcom economy, MBA grads with OM skills are high on recruiters’ want lists.” In fact, Carnegie Mellon’s operations management program is rated number one by The Wall Street Journal and number three by U.S. News & World Report. The university also hosts the highly competitive International Operations Management Case Competition, which was won by a team of our MBA students in the most recent on in November 2002. “Carnegie Mellon is on a winning streak, with five first place finished in the last five years. ‘We are thrilled that we continue to dominate other management programs in the highly specialized field of operations management,” says Joydeep Sengupta, second-year MBA student and president of the school’s Operations Management Club. ‘The win highlights the caliber of students who come to Carnegie Mellon, and it’s a compliment to the top-notch faculty who are known throughout the globe as being leaders in operations management.”

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