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Archives for: April 2007

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/1/2007
Everyday algorithms improve business, one step at a time
People run algorithms in their everyday lives, often without realizing they’re doing it, says R. Ravi, Associate Dean, Intellectual Strategy, Professor of Operations Research and Computer Science, and Director of the Center for Analytical Research in Technology. Algorithms are also used by SmartOps Corp., founded by Sridhar Tayur, the Ford Distinguished Professor and Professor of Operations Management and Manufacturing, to help businesses improve their supply chain operations.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/1/2007
Pens arena critics, supporters can unite in profit
Critics and supporters of the deal to build the Pittsburgh Penguins a new arena can find common ground with a little effort and creativity, says Chad Hermann, Lecturer in Business Management Communication. Though the debate over the arena’s merit continues to simmer, the Penguins are poised to become great ambassadors for the Pittsburgh region, Hermann argues—and that creates business opportunities for everyone.

Carnegie Mellon Today, 4/1/2007
Green Design Institute models distribution of alternative fuel
The Green Design Institute recently modeled nationwide distribution of switchgrass-derived ethanol, which is meant to supplement corn in ethanol production. The full report of their research, which was funded by the National Science Foundation, is published in the American Chemical Society’s journal, Environmental Science and Technology.

Carnegie Mellon Today, 4/1/2007
Lifelong Learning site offers alumni resources on coursework, research
Tepper School alumni can stay up to date on the latest research and courses through the Lifelong Learning Web site, which also offers video presentations by faculty and guest speakers. The site can be accessed by going to and clicking on Alumni.

The Tartan, 4/2/2007
Students from Qatar campus work with flood-damaged businesses
Eight students from Carnegie Mellon’s Qatar campus volunteered their time and skills to help residents of Carnegie, Pa., who were still feeling the effects of flood damage from the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Fatima Al-Rumaihi, a sophomore who is studying business administration, said the students felt like they were able to make an impact with their work through the Alternative Spring Break program.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/3/2007
Tepper School student test-rides ultra-cheap bus fare
As one of only two passengers scheduled for the maiden voyage of Coach USA’s bus route from Pittsburgh to Cleveland, Tepper School MBA candidate David Blanchard unwittingly found himself in the midst of a media frenzy. Blanchard booked his trip on the bus line, which offers fares as low as $1, and found himself surrounded by cameras when he arrived at the departure point.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , 4/5/2007
Business students from Qatar campus assist in community service projects
Students from Carnegie Mellon’s Qatar campus—including business majors—helped plan an Internet café for a Seventh-Day Adventist group in Carnegie, Pa., as well as help clean the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall. The events were part of the students’ participation in the Alternative Spring Break Program.

The Tartan, 4/9/2007
Tepper alum heads up investments for Carnegie Mellon
Carnegie Mellon is looking to one of its own for financial guidance as Tepper School alumnus Edward Grefenstette, who earned an MSIA in 1998, takes over as the university’s treasurer and chief investment officer. John Sengenberger, director of alumni for the Tepper School, says the appointment reflects the rigorous nature of the school’s MBA program, where alumni prepare to make an immediate and sustained impact on the world.

BNET, 4/10/2007
Not crazy about a colleague’s idea? Give them the compliment sandwich
When leading a business meeting, if confronted with a colleague’s idea with which you disagree, it’s best to propose a constructive alternative without being immediately dismissive. Mildred S. Myers, Teaching Professor of Business Management Communication Emeritus, suggests the “sandwich technique,” in which you couch a piece of constructive criticism between two innocuous statements.

Electronicstalk, 4/13/2007
Tepper grad takes financial reins at Aquest Systems
Mark Mesler, who graduated from Tepper in 2001, has joined Aquest Systems as Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Mesler will assume responsibility for the company’s finance, accounting and management information systems.

Singapore News, 4/13/2007
Tepper School student wins leadership award from Graduate Business Forum
Tepper School student Colin Raney has been honored by the Graduate Business Forum with its Student Leadership Award for 2007. Raney says he is honored to receive the award, and praises the forum as a means to help members retain their focus and inspire one another.

Pittsburgh Business Times, 4/13/2007
Company founded by Tepper School grads makes first purchase
A company founded by Tepper School alumni Ned Collins and David Harel has made its first purchase. Reticle Partners LLC’s acquisition of Columbia Northwest Inc. serves as an example of how recently minted MBA graduates can raise capital to buy an existing business.

Wall Street Journal, 4/13/2007
IMF faces steep challenges
Developing countries no longer orbit around the International Monetary Fund, which does not command the resources necessary to control surging capital markets, says Adam Lerrick, The Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Chair in Economics; Director of the Gailliot Center for Public Policy. The institution's lending portfolio stands at $13 billion, down from $100 billion in 2003, and could fall even lower.

The Economist, 4/13/2007
Team from Beijing University wins sustainable technology competition
A team from Beijing University hopes its victory in the Tepper School’s McGinnis Venture Competition will help improve the lives of China’s many farmers. Their project, “Dr. Seed LLC,” won $15,000 in cash and $20,000 in business services in the sustainable technology category.

The Straits Times, 4/14/2007
“Tepper Prepper” mentoring program wins acclaim for MBA student
MBA candidate Colin Raney’s mentoring project, in which second-year Tepper School students tutor first-years, helped clinch him as the winner of the Graduate Business Conference’s student leadership award. Raney, whose program is known as Tepper Prepper, says he believes in lifting team members up as high as possible so they can experience success.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/15/2007
In business, a customer by any other name may smell as sweet
Businesses can sometimes establish a posh tone for themselves by addressing customers by “Mr.” or “Mrs.,” says Peter Boatwright, Associate Professor of Marketing. But Boatwright also cautions that some customers also can feel like name use is an intrusion on privacy, which is on many people’s minds right now.

The Tartan, 4/16/2007
Tepper Venture Challenge showcases work of budding entrepreneurs
Senior business administration major Angie Salame too first prize at the Tepper Venture Competition for AbbyMe, a website allowing users to create and send phone messages over the Internet. Arthur Boni, John R. Thorne Chair of Entrepreneurship; Associate Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship; Deputy Director, Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship, says the challenge offers an opportunity for participants to gain valuable feedback.

USA Today, 4/16/2007
Lerrick: Some countries could get financing from capital markets instead of World Bank
The World Bank lends about $20 billion annually, but much of it goes to countries that could obtain financing from capital markets, says Adam Lerrick, The Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Chair in Economics; Director of the Gailliot Center for Public Policy. The bank emerged from its spring meeting Saturday as a troubled institution that confronts deep-seated challenges.

Bloomberg, 4/18/2007
Pressures may force World Bank to proceed with debt forgiveness
Public and political pressures may force the World Bank to forgive debt even if countries suspected of government corruption stop short of genuine reform, says Adam Lerrick, the Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Chair in Economics and director of The Gailliot Center for Public Policy. Lerrick says the governments involved need only to show some minimal effort toward reform.

American Enterprise Institute, 4/19/2007
IMF should focus on data-gathering expertise
The International Monetary Fund doesn’t have the reserves to stabilize global imbalances, but its data-gathering expertise remains viable, according to Roger Bate, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. His AEI colleague, Adam Lerrick -- The Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Chair in Economics; Director of The Gailliot Center for Public Policy – says it is this expertise around which the IMF should reconstitute its business.

Bloomberg, 4/20/2007
IMF director’s plan gets cool reception
International Monetary Fund Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato got a cool reception from economists on his plan to revamp the way the IMF does economic surveillance. Adam Lerrick, the Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Chair in Economics and director of the Gailliot Center for Public Policy, questions what the enforcement mechanism would be.

Newsday, 4/23/2007
Tepper School administrator rolls up his sleeves at elementary school
Milton Cofield, a member of New York’s state Board of Regents and Executive Director of the Tepper School’s Business Administration Program, rolled up his sleeves to help an elementary school assemble its new computers. Cofield offered to help when he looked at the school’s technology room and found that the computers were still in their boxes.

Bloomberg, 4/23/2007
World Bank worried about money flow, not corruption questions
The World Bank’s goal is to keep money flowing, not worry about potential corruption, says Adam Lerrick, The Friends of Allan H. Meltzer Chair in Economics; Director of The Gailliot Center for Public Policy. Lerrick, who was senior adviser to the chairman of a commission that took a critical look at international financial institutions, spoke in reference to the struggle over World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz.

Pittsburgh Business Times, 4/27/2007
Tepper School grad at helm of Pennsylvania Growth Fund
For the first time, the Pennsylvania Growth Fund has a full-time executive: Managing Director David Harel, who earned an MBA from the Tepper School in 2005, will run the day-to-day operations of the Shadyside-based angel fund. The fund is also looking to Carnegie Mellon for newly minted MBAs as part of an informal collaboration.

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