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Archives for: February 2004

BUSINESS WIRE , 2/2/2004
Supply Chain Veteran Joins Prosero Management Team; Mark Montanari to Lead Procurement Outsourcing Operations
This article announces that Mark Montanari (MSIA 1984) has been appointed Executive Vice President of Prosero, procurement outsourcing leader. Montanari has more than 20 years experience with supply chain management. Prosero is known for managing outsourcing for Fortune 1000 companies.

Internships: Never More Important
Ken Keeley, executive director of the Career Opportunities Center, is quoted in this article about the importance of internships. Although the economy is showing signs of improvement, internships are still critical in the MBA job search. Keeley reports that job offers to Carnegie Mellon MBAs are up 40% from last year.

USA TODAY , 2/6/2004
Kerry presidency might be good for markets
This article discusses the possible economic impact of John Kerry’s plan to balance the budget and ensure that everyone has healthcare coverage. Allan Meltzer, the Allan H. Meltzer University Professor of Political Economy, said that John Kerry might help health care insures increase profits if he tries to help more Americans find insurance.

Business: People on the Move
Kishor Pendse (MSIA 1979) has been appointed vice president and general manager of wheel end and business process for Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC. His new responsibilities will include strategic direction for air disc brakes, slack adjusters, actuators, spring breaks and hydraulics. Before beginning his new position, Pendse was vice president of Six Sigma at TRW Inc. in Cleveland.

Analysis: More jobs coming, but how soon and how many?
Allan Meltzer, the Allan H. Meltzer University Professor of Political Economy, says that the Labor Department’s monthly payroll survey has missed jobs at start-ups, resulting in statistics of job loss. Meltzer offers the Labor Department’s survey of households as a better measure of jobs created, although he believes that the 2 million job increase the survey indicates is too high. “It isn’t a jobless recovery, it is slower than normal,” he said.

Greenspan Says Payrolls Survey is Best Gauge of Job Market
This article by Allan Meltzer, the Allan H. Meltzer University Professor of Political Economy, discusses how Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan testified at the House Financial Services Committee that the job growth indicated by a survey of households is not an accurate measurement of the labor market since the Labor Market’s data shows a loss of 716,000 jobs. Critics argue that the household surveys are the best way to gauge the job market. Greenspan defends his claim by explaining the surveys only represent a “sample” of the country, so even small errors can result in misleading projections when extrapolated.

Fast Learners: Tech entrepreneurs hit the ground running with online tutoring program
Stephan Mueller (MBA 2002 BS 1994) is featured in this article about his start-up company. Mueller partnered with fellow entrepreneur, Louis Piconi, to launch Apangea Learning Inc., a tutoring software company. Unique in the market, Apangea uses technology to customize tutorials for each student based on needs and interests.

The Term Sheet and What It Means
This is an article by Frank Demmler, associate teaching professor of entrepreneurship, in a series for TECHYVENT for entrepreneurs. He says that the most important step in finalizing a deal with an investor is the receipt of a term sheet from the investor. Demmler simplifies the entrepreneurs’ goals leading up to this moment: “Your goal is to avoid the “No” and get a “Maybe” at each step along the way, until you get a “Yes” at the last step, and close on your financing.”

CFO.COM , 2/24/2004
Merging Banks Planning Big Paydays
This article about the executive salaries after the merger of Bank One and JP Morgan Chase mentions alumna Dina Dublon (MSIA 1979). According to the article, Dublon received a $500,000 salary, $4.75 million bonus and $325,364 from exercising stock options.

Microsoft’s Gates To Encourage Computer Science Students
The article mentions the Feb. 25 visit of Bill Gates to Carnegie Mellon University. Gates embarked on this campus tour at five universities to encourage interest in the field by telling students that there are still many “breakthrough opportunities.”

An energetic beginning
Alumnus William T. Orr (MSIA 1988) has been appointed president of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Rhode Island. His main responsibility will be to turn Fields Point into a port to receive LNG by ship. “My view is that [this project] makes a lot of sense for the region. It benefits everyone,” said Orr.

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