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Archives for: February 2003

CMU priming business leaders for biotech industry
“If Pittsburgh is ever going to become a vital biotechnology hub, it needs not only more scientists at its universities pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, but also the business leaders who can translate that research into the marketplace.” At the third annual Bioforum event this spring, Dean Ken Dunn announced the new curriculum of the business school to include depth tracks this fall, which will allow students to gain interdisciplinary experience in the university’s various fields of expertise. The biotechnology track is one example. Once introduced in the fall 2004, this MBA track will require the student to take several graduate level science courses in addition to MBA courses. “You can’t earn the respect of those underneath you if you can’t speak the language,” said Dean Dunn, explaining why business leaders of technical and scientific companies need to understand both the science and the business behind their company. In addition to the depth tracks, MBA students are involved in clubs, such as the Biotech Club, which plans and runs the Bioforum event each year.

A Fed Without Reserve
Allan Meltzer’s A History of the Federal Reserve, the first volume of a multivolume project, is reviewed in this article in The Wall Street Journal. The author explains, that the project “would require years of study, poring over letters, the minutes of meetings and internal Fed documents. Such a task would naturally deter most scholars of economic history but not, thank goodness, Allan Meltzer, an economist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.” The book, with an introduction by Alan Greenspan, covers the history of the Fed from the years 1913-1951 shedding light on complicated issues in its history.

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